Monday, July 13, 2009


In the summers, I work for a day camp in Portsmouth, playing kickball and tag games with 1st through 4th graders. With my campers in mind, the design team of Mihoko Ouchi and Sherwood Forlee known formally as The. (they admittedly have short attention spans) have created the perfect solution for lunch time thievery. Imagine the look on a young persons face when they discover the delicious lunch they thought they stole turned out to be a moldy sandwich due to green spots printed on the sandwich bag. The original owner may not get the meal back, they'll be damned if some snot-nosed kid will enjoy their parents' hard earned tuna fish (or PBJ). At the very least, the bags would make for some deep conversations at cafeteria lunch tables. Perhaps they'll make one for lunchables?

For most of the year, I teach high school history and I'm sorry to say that this invention might actually be better suited for an office (or teacher's room) environment. At least that way, the potential culprit would put your lunch back in the communal fridge (and then tell the whole school about the poor quality of lunches its teachers possess).

(via Design Boom)

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