Monday, March 30, 2009


Marketing firms are always looking for new ways to "break through the clutter" to reach potential customers in more cost effective ways. My students are consistently surprised at the places they find ads, but they've never seen anything like these. In the picture on the left, an elevator floor becomes a high-flying ad for a Swiss skydiving company created by Wirz/BBDO Switzerland. On the right, shoppers resemble fleas (imagine that) on a gigantic floor sticker is seen from the upper levels of a Jakarta, Indonesia shopping mall for Jakpetz and Frontline flea spray courtesy of Saatchi and Saatchi (once one of the biggest ad firms out there). Speaking of Frontline, the PBS series produced the must-see documentary on the subject of advertising and persuasion called "The Persuaders". According to the movie, and unfortunetly for us, breaking through the clutter usually just leads to MORE CLUTTER. Where will it end? I'm sure we don't want to know. (via coolhunter)

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