Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Are you letting your baby breastfeed unarmed? Is your toddler unable to protect your home in your absence? Have no fear brave parents, weapons manufacturer Swiss MiniGun (yes, from the notoriously neutral country of Switzerland) has invented a truly tiny revolver. The gun is 5.5 cm long and fires a bullet 2.34 mm in diameter (OF COURSE IT FIRES, WHAT WOULD THE POINT BE OTHERWISE?) at over 300 mph. Yes, it can kill you. Or home-invaders, or bullying 2 year olds (hard to imagine death from a 2.34 mm bullet, but possible nonetheless).

Unfortunetly, you can't get these in America. Yet...
A message from the SwissMiniGun website:

"The US Department of Justice has mentioned that our miniature revolver, ref. C1ST does not meet with the minimum size prerequisites referring to the Factoring Criteria for Weapons ATF Form 4590.

Therefore, our revolver is not classified as sporting and is not importable into the USA.

We feel sorry for all the US collectors who have showed interest in our miniature revolver.

We promise that our next model will meet with the US Factoring Criteria for Weapons."

Yes, that's what America needs... tiny, deadly guns that fit in your wallet. (via gizmodo)

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