Monday, May 11, 2009


I didn't make it all the way through the Transformers movie (the 2 hour live-action General Motors ad, not the cartoon) and chances are I won't sit through even a trailer for the new one either. However, hearing the buzz about the new movies, I remember how excited I once was to see the 1986 animated film and how awesome the original toys were to my 8 to 10 year old self. I kept a few of the ol' transformers for old times sake and one of my favorites even managed to surface in my current apartment decor. (Note: I'm not the kind of adult guy who displays many toys in his dwelling) This particular one is a testament to the creativity (and possible drug-use) of toy designers in the 80s and perhaps more fitting, my life-long dedication to nerdery. That action figure is/was named Perceptor, the autobot doctor who transformed into a microscope. The toy was an actual working microscope and magnified (slightly) various objects from my backyard and scabs. Now, he holds my toothbrush.

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