Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today, the 20th, is international go surfing day, but more importantly, tomorrow is GO SKATEBOARDING DAY. It's supposed to rain here in the Northeast, so I've included some inspirational footage to get you in the mood. Marc Johnson doesn't care about rain, watch him destroy in third part of his Fully Flared video part (watch Epicly Later'd dissect the making). Graphic by Ed Templeton.

Update 6/21: NYC has postponed GSD until the 27th. Northeastern people can celebrate with the Yorkers next week. Also, rain sucks. (though I understand its benefits) For the record, I got to skate for a few minutes in the neighborhood and the wet actually felt good. Not as good as the session yesterday in the sun of course, which was the perfect atmosphere to beat a long time friend/rival at S.K.A.T.E (to be fair, he owns me so in no way does this win make up for the dozen times he's beaten me since my last one)

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