Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Irish visual artist Claire Morgan has created some compelling organic installations in the past few years, most notably in a group exhibition entitled Building With Colour at Northumbria University in Newcastle. Pictured above is a piece called Fluid which displays a taxidermied crow crashing through a plane of lush strawberries, all painstakingly suspended in air using nylon and fishing hooks. Pictured below is an installation from last year titled Captive and featured a taxidermied owl that crashed attempting to hunt a white mouse and was left in a sea of pieces of plastic bags. Morgan says of her work, "I use materials that display signs of excess or decay, and find myself contemplating issues relating to the 'residues' that we as a society leave on the earth."
Darren Ambrose, lecturer in art theory, says "Morgan’s sculptural material is ordinary, familiar and everyday, but is transfigured through the rigor of formal composition into becoming resonant with a mysterious melancholic power that allows it to be unfamiliar to us again.” Well said.
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