Sunday, August 2, 2009


We're finally feeling the summer heat here in New England, so today I picked up some fresh mint and a few ripe limes to make a more refreshing water (add rum, club soda/seltzer and simple syrup to complete a mojito or just add simple syrup/honey to the drink to sweeten it) When all is said and done, I refrigerate the drink in a 32oz glass container, (normally it holds beer) but I would much rather use Japanese artist Kouta Fukunaga's hand-carved birch vessels to serve my beverages in style. Technically, he created them to serve sake and wine and I'm ok with that too. These award-winning vessels are from Hokkaido-grown birch trunks and exemplify great design and naturally beautiful materials.

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jb said...

Beautiful, functional, artsy, I'd drink just about anything outta these...but on a teaching salary I am guessing that we would have to rent one!

dacia said...

"here, here!" to the mojito in a beautiful birch vessel! I'm a fan of the mojito in just about any vessel, but those are gorgeous! nice find!

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