Monday, June 15, 2009


This past year (and economic recession) has brought a rash of cheap, portable, compact and stylish housing ideas. While this is nothing new, (see portable globe house below) these high-concept homes were designed with green capabilities and a supreme use of space. For most folks these projects were conceived as an extra summer living space, presumably in some vacation land, but as a teacher, I see them as potential full-time homes. Most impressive is the new "Shed for Living" (pictured above) created by Manchester, England's FKDA. This micro home can reach ZERO carbon status, meaning it uses less energy than it generates including the building process and day to day operation. For those of you who dream of a small, handsome space (attention teachers and Japanese architects) peep the plans and imagine.

Pictured below is the Loft Cube, designed by Werner Aisslinger; the KS1 and KS2 homes from Swedish company Summer Entertainment and a log cabin called the "Flake House" from French designers Olgga. The Flake House is currently on exhibit in Nantes, France (if you're in the area) until August at which point it will be auctioned online to the highest bidder.
(Via Dezeen and DesignBoom)

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